What Users & Observers of the TrekPod & T’Pod Have Said

“I just got back from UAE/Oman/Spain on a birding jaunt...I have always said that "I never met a tripod I liked"—I love the TrekPod! The magnetic head is brilliant and worked flawlessly...”

Rigden Currie, International Birder

“The TrekPod is a great tool for any outdoor photographer. Typically, I leave my tripod home because it's just too heavy and awkward to add to an already overloaded backpack. The TrekPod is lighter than my old tripod and doubles as a trekking pole. Plus, I always have it ready at a moment's notice without having to dig into my pack, since it's already in my hand! I found that it can easily support a fullsize digital camera, too. My TrekPod is now a standard tool in my photography toolkit.”

Scott Keller, Outdoor Photographer
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“Simply ingenious! The TrekPod gives birders—and others—travel options and flexibility they never had before. I love it.”

“Every time I get out the TrekPod I am impressed with its quality and design. Every detail seems to have been given considerable thought. In fact, I'm impressed before I even get it out—by the case! If you had insisted, now that I have used it, that I suggest ways to improve it, I would be hard put to do so.”

Larry Balch former President, American Birding Association and active international birder

“During our rifle hunts we are often looking for a good rest for our guns when taking a shot. The TrekPod solves this as it is easy to quickly position and compact enough to hike in the field with. From a video production standpoint, the TrekPod gives our cameras stability and an additional range of motion (thanks to the swivel head) that we never had before. An adjustable walking staff, shooting stick, and camera pod all in one compact, sturdy product - you guys have a great product on your hands and we would recommend it to anyone!”

Sam Potter & Mike Skoro, Action Outdoors TV - www.ActionOutdoors.tv
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“T’Pods are extremely flexible, fast and easy to use. They make quick work of many difficult photo and lighting challenges. They have become an essential tool that I make sure I always have in my gear bag.”

Michael Wilhelm, Wilhelmphoto.com

“One of the most unique photo related products I've seen in over 20 years as the Outdoor Retail show photographer. The speed and ease of use enabled me to get shots I otherwise would have missed.”

Jerry Newton, Jerry Newton Photography

“I was skeptical at first, but I have come to really appreciate the well designed and sturdy MagMount system for an infinite variety of equipment and situations.”

Michael Durham, Durham Photography

“I have to say, the TrekPod is the Cadillac of shooting sticks…it provides a lightweight, rock-steady shooting platform.”

John Johnston, Blackpowder Hunting Magazine

“TrekPod allows me to leave the heavy equipment behind. It is light and adaptable, providing the functions of a tripod, a monopod and a walking stick. I think it is something that should be in every birder's toolkit.”

Dave Eshbaugh, Executive Director, Audubon Oregon

“Here is function and beauty in one package… Very seldom does a new product blow me away like the TrekPod has.”

Bernie Granito, G. B. Stumpp & Associates, Outdoor Products Rep Group

“The ShotPod (TrekPod with VersaRest) is the finest portable shooting rest I have ever seen. It will make shooting sticks obsolete.”

Kerry O'Day, MG Arms Inc.—Manufacturers of the Finest Ultra-Light Rifles!

“I love the MagMount's speed and versatility. I used it the other day to shoot a child's birthday party and found the quick-change mobility to be a great benefit. I could keep the camera around my neck for safety and rediness and just whip up the monopod when needed. This enabled me to shoot the party sans flash for a more natural look to the portraits.”

Lee Meier, Mono:Graphics Studio, Ltd.

“You can't not buy one!”

Jason Blaker, Wild Bird Center, Wyomissing, PA

“This is the best new product for anyone who loves the outdoors”

Keith Sutton, Editor, Birder's Bible

“I have never seen anything like this, it is really cool!”

Mark Sullivan, Editor-in-Chief, Sporting Goods Intelligence, The Magazine