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MagMount PRO™

MagMount PRO MagMount PRO is the best ball head we have come out with to dayte! A full-featured ball head designed for use with D-SLR cameras. It utilizes our patent pending MagMount quick connect / release system, so you can be ready for any shot in seconds. Square Tooth Anti Rotation (STAR) technology prevents equimpent from moving while at any angle. It will support cameras & lenses up to 13.5 lbs. The integrated rotating locking clip mechanicaly secures your camera to the MagMount PRO & a spring loaded locking lever allows for easy adjustment.

Lightweight and compact, the MagMount PRO will attach easily to all TrekPods, tripods & monopods. Adapts to ¼-20 and 3/8-16 mounting studs. Comes complete with STAR and light force MagAdapters and Allen wench.




MagMount™ STAR

MagMount This full-featured ball head with the innovative MagConnect STAR quick release system uses a powerful earth magnets and STAR (Square Tooth Anti Rotation) technology to hold equipment up to 9 lbs. Integrated rotating safety lock, secures your equipment mechanically to the ball head. Comes with both the Light Force MagAdapter for lightweight point & shoot cameras, and the STAR MagAdapter for use with D-SLR cameras & heavier devices.




MagMount™ AR/i

MagMount MagMount™ AR/i features rounded anti rotation "teeth" that help keep your equipment from moving or sagging. The integration of a "rare earth" magnet provides for the instant attachment of almost any camera, spotting scope or any device that uses a ¼"-20 mounting stud. The anti-rotation feature helps to secure your portrait shots in place, and the rounded teeth allow for indexing every 30°, which aids in taking sequential panoramic shots.

You can secure your equipment to MagMount with the integrated Safety Clip, which mechanically lockes your equipment to the ball head. Comes with a black AR/i adapter for heavy cameras and a silver "light force" adaper for small point and shoot cameras. We're sorry, this item has been discontinued.