Tips for Using Your TrekPod & MagMount

My safety clip is too loose or too tight, what should I do?

Yes, its as easy as you think! Just squeeze the safety clip more closed to tighten or more open to loosen! The clip is made from top quality stainless steel, and should last for years, but may occasionally need to be "re-tensioned".

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Is there a technique for easily getting my camera off the MagMount?

Yes, there is a technique to “easy” on and off with the MagMount. The basic trick is to “lever” your camera off the MagMount by pivoting it against one edge. Take a look at the image to see if that will help explain.

What you don't want to do is to try to pull straight off the magnet. Even with the silver (LF) Mag Adapter, it takes a pretty strong pull. Using the “lever” technique, however, with a little practice works very well.

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I'm having trouble tightening the locking nut tight enough so that my TrekPod won't slip

The best technique for tightening (and releasing) the telescoping adjustment of your TrekPod is to not use the locking nut to do it! We're sorry that this is not intuitive, but the technique works very well. Just tighten the locking nut unitl it is finger tight, then move your hands to grip the cork grip with one hand and the lower tube assembly with the other. Grip tightly and tighten the TrekPod.

This technique allows you to easily lock and unlock your TrekPod so that it will support over 200 (90 kg) pounds of downward force--while in the monopod/hiking staff mode only!

If you have further questions, or this technique doesn't seem to be working for you, please give us a call at (973) 627-9600 ext. 115 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Pacific time.

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Even after following your instructions above, I still can't get it tight (or the action seems "sticky").

Sometimes the inability to sufficiently tighten the TrekPod's telescoping adjustment is due to the tubes having a very light coating of oil or some other foreign substance on the tubes. This condition can usually be corrected easily by wiping down the upper tube and the locking nut tapered ring with a soft cloth dampened with denatured alcohol. For more detailed directions please see our TrekPod Cleaning Tips document.

If you have further questions, or these tips don't seem to be working for you, please give us a call at (973) 627-9600 ext. 115 from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm Pacific time.

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We'll be adding to this section as we learn more about what needs arise for TrekPod and T'Pod use and maintenance.